Carl :
While booking my holiday to Tanzania I had no idea of the risks that I would be exposed to. The pharmacist explained what these risks were and helped me to decide which vaccinations and malaria tablets I needed.

Naseer :
I booked an appointment for a travel consultation reluctantly as my travel agent told me that all I needed was a meningitis vaccine in order to gain entry to Saudia Arabia for Hajj (pilgrimage). After talking to the travel health consultant I realised that by only having the one injection I was leaving myself exposed to many other diseases that can happen in overcrowded locations. Thank you My Travel Vaccine.

Lucy :
I was up to date with my vaccinations but totally forgot about arranging my malaria tablets before flying out on business to Gambia. I called My Travel Vaccine and booked an appointment for 10pm that very evening. The pharmacist was extremely helpful and I left with enough Malarone for my trip.

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